MS1 Military Watch Set

MS1 Military Watch Set

The design of MS1 military watch set was adopted from the inside look of a cockpit in a military aircraft. That look that you see from the collection of gauges and dials with striking but straightforward designs in a gunship is the one that has produced the beautiful, classic timepieces. The idea of this watch was conceptualized and developed over a period of eight months after numerous trials with steps and elements that resulted in a polished affordable watch.


The watch has stable construction made of stainless steel to form the MS1 casing. It has a total weight of 59 grams (with a nylon strap) and a height of 10MM, and it feels good on the wrist. A scratch-resistant sapphire glass protects the face of the watch, and it has 5ATM water resistance capability.


Seiko (TMI) VD51 powers the MS1 watch, and to add a vintage touch, it has NATO style strap made of ballistic nylon, stainless steel hardware and can be removed with little effort. It comes with two extra NATO straps to give you a nice blend of looks/colors. Packed in a rustic military wooden crate are the two quality chronograph watches sitting on a burlap pillow.


It also comes with a unique embossed dog tag with a serial number unique to each watch set, and it shows the product run/series, year of production and the watch number. The MS1 military watch was built to be:

  • Robust - It is made in a compact form, with a high-quality body that is tough.
  • Reliable - The watch has an advanced movement that can be powered for three years on a single battery.
  • Minimal - It has got a classic look and feel inspired by mission-critical military aircraft devices.
  • Practical - It offers an easy way to view the date and chronograph.
  • Value - You will enjoy the watch at an affordable price since it can be purchased directly from the company.

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